About "My Price"

Enjoy high quality at low prices – this is what My Price products stand for

My Price and Jeden Tag are German/EU brands, offering a wide range of FMCG Products (about 1000+) at high quality and reasonable price.

The brands are distributed majorly in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy but also throughout the European Union with major and leading supermarket and retail chains as clients.

If you are wondering about the high quality of our products at at comparatively low price, here is the answer:

While you are buying a My Price/ Jeden Tag (means literally “ every day”) product, in fact these products are manufactured by worldwide leading premium brand manufacturers who have all national and international quality certifications.

In total there are 15,000 suppliers from the food and non-food sectors. They produce, among other things, food, pet food, hygiene and cosmetic articles, textiles, bicycles, car accessories, toys, electrical and household goods as well as products for the home and garden

In 2023 we start launching first My Price / Jeden Tag products on the Indian market.

Our Central warehouse for India is located in Thane.

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HUB.NRW EUIndia Brands Pvt. Ltd. - My Price Energy Drinks from Austria

"My Price" consumer goods imported from EU. Food, beverages, hygiene and care products, pet food, sauces, sweets, cleaning supplies.

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